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Welcome to a unique dining partnership opportunity with LANDRANI® LAMB. Discover how our
premium lamb products can complement your menu, engage your customers, and enhance your
restaurant’s reputation, all while offering you a sustainable cost advantage.


Exclusive access to premium, ethically raised LANDRANI® LAMB.

Engage customers

Engage customers with an interactive dining experience.

Benefit financially

Benefit financially from customer purchases.

How It Works – For Your Restaurant

1. Product Excellence

LANDRANI® LAMB produce premium quality through its ethical, sustainable farming practices in the pristine Klein Karoo region, ensuring superior taste and tenderness. Our commitment to no antibiotics and no added hormones, coupled with innovative, automated feeding systems and unmatched packaging techniques, sets new standards in meat quality and animal welfare. Enhanced by traceable, blockchain-secured origins, LANDRANI® LAMB offers unparalleled purity, transparency, and culinary excellence, making it the distinguished choice for restaurants seeking to complement their menu with exceptional, responsibly-bred lamb.

2. Engagement Through Technology

LANDRANI® LAMB integrates cutting-edge technology to enhance the dining experience through our distinctive QR code system. Each of our premium lamb dishes is accompanied by a small, elegantly designed flag inserted directly into the dish. This flag carries a unique QR code that diners can scan using their smartphones.

Upon scanning, customers are directed to an interactive platform providing detailed information about the specific cut of lamb on their plate – from its origins in the lush Klein Karoo region to the ethical and sustainable practices used in its rearing and processing. This system not only offers transparency and peace of mind to diners but also engages them in an educational journey about the quality, provenance, and preparation of their meal.

This interactive element transforms the meal into an experience, allowing diners to connect with their food on a deeper level. It also serves as a conversation starter, enhancing the social aspect of dining and elevating the overall restaurant experience. By implementing the QR code system, LANDRANI® LAMB bridges the gap between farm and table, offering a modern, engaging, and informative dining experience that sets restaurants apart in the competitive culinary landscape.

3. Win a Lamb Competition and WhatsApp Menu Integration

Introducing the “Win a Lamb Competition,” uniquely integrated with our LANDRANI® LAMB WhatsApp-based menu system, meticulously curated for each restaurant. Upon being seated, patrons are greeted with an eye-catching Perspex stand on their table, which not only showcases the competition details but also includes a QR code for accessing the LANDRANI® LAMB menu.

This menu, developed exclusively by your restaurant’s culinary team, features dishes crafted using premium cuts of LANDRANI® LAMB, reflecting the unique style and culinary vision of your establishment. Guests are invited to scan the QR code, launching a direct interaction with our innovative WhatsApp-based menu system. This streamlined process allows diners to explore and order from your restaurant’s unique LANDRANI® LAMB creations directly from their smartphones, while also entering the “Win a Lamb Competition.”

This system is an add-on to traditional printed menus with a dynamic, interactive dining experience. Diners use their smartphones to browse through the LANDRANI® LAMB dishes developed by your restaurant, engaging in a user-friendly, conversational interface on WhatsApp. This approach not only showcases the premium range of LANDRANI® LAMB offerings but also enhances the dining experience by merging culinary discovery with the thrill of competition.

By adopting the WhatsApp-based menu system, your restaurant can effortlessly update its LANDRANI® LAMB selections in real-time, ensuring diners always have access to the freshest, most innovative dishes. This strategic integration serves to drive engagement, streamline the ordering process, and add significant value to the dining experience, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the unique culinary journey crafted by your restaurant with LANDRANI® LAMB.

Enhanced Rewards for Our Partners

1. Complimentary Sample Hamper and Interactive Menu Collaboration

Upon joining as a new partner, your establishment will receive a complimentary sample hamper filled with a selection of LANDRANI® LAMB products. This is intended to provide your culinary team with an opportunity to explore and integrate our lamb into your existing menu offerings, complementing your restaurant’s unique culinary style.

We invite your chefs to use these samples to craft dishes that harmonise with your restaurant’s existing culinary themes, while incorporating the distinct characteristics of LANDRANI® LAMB. The goal is to enrich your menu with additional options, not to
overshadow your current selections.

Once your chef has finalised the dish selection, we will support you in bringing these new options to your customers through our WhatsApp-based menu system as an addition to your existing already printed menus. This eliminates the need for traditional menu updates, offering a streamlined, digital solution that adapts to your restaurant’s needs and aesthetic.

This collaboration is designed to seamlessly integrate LANDRANI® LAMB into your dining experience, enhancing your menu with new options without the added burden of design and production costs. By introducing a WhatsApp-based menu, your offerings are easily updated, providing clarity and distinction between your standard and LANDRANI® LAMB-inspired
dishes, and offering a modern, interactive customer experience without overshadowing your existing culinary achievements.

2. Customer Satisfaction and Financial Incentives

At LANDRANI® LAMB, we understand the importance of customer satisfaction and its direct impact on your restaurant’s reputation and profitability. By incorporating our lamb products supplementary to your existing menu, your establishment is positioned to offer unique, high-quality culinary experiences that meet and exceed customer expectations. The consistent quality and distinctiveness of the LANDRANI® LAMB offerings not only enhance customer satisfaction but also contribute to positive word-of-mouth and repeat business, ultimately boosting your restaurant’s market presence.

To further support and incentivise our partnership, we are pleased to introduce the LANDRANI® LAMB Financial Incentive Program. This program is specifically designed to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between our brand and your establishment. Here’s how it works:
  • Voucher System: For every patron from your restaurant who tries LANDRANI® LAMB dishes and then downloads the LANDRANI® LAMB app to place a home order, both your establishment and the customer will receive a 5% benefit through a discount voucher on their first three orders.
  • Encouraging Repeat Business and Building Loyalty: This incentive is crafted to inspire your patrons to enjoy the exceptional quality of LANDRANI® LAMB at home while fostering a lasting relationship between your restaurant and its customers. This program goes beyond a mere monetary reward; it’s about creating a strong bond of loyalty. Every time customers savour LANDRANI® LAMB, they’ll remember it was your establishment that introduced them to this exquisite experience. We aim to reinforce this connection, rewarding your establishment for cultivating a community of loyal customers who associate the unparalleled taste of our lamb with the unique dining experience you provide.
  • Reducing Costs, Increasing Quality: The accumulation of vouchers can significantly reduce the cost of premium lamb ingredients for your restaurant, allowing you to maintain high-quality offerings while improving your financial margins.
This strategic approach ensures that your restaurant benefits directly from promoting LANDRANI® LAMB, aligning customer satisfaction with tangible financial rewards. By creating an ecosystem where patrons are motivated to continue their LANDRANI® LAMB journey beyond your restaurant, we aim to reinforce the bond between diners, our brand, and your culinary offerings, ensuring a continuous cycle of satisfaction and reward.

Getting Started Is Easy

Begin your journey with LANDRANI® LAMB effortlessly by downloading the LANDRANI® LAMB app from your preferred app store and completing the registration process, just like any other customer. Once registered, simply send an email to expressing your interest in our restaurant partnership.

Our dedicated team will promptly respond and guide you through the seamless process, ensuring a smooth transition to becoming a valued partner. From initial consultation to menu integration, we’ll be there every step of the way to support your restaurant’s success with LANDRANI® LAMB.


Elevate your culinary offerings, engage your customers in an innovative way, and boost your bottom line effortlessly by joining our community of LANDRANI® LAMB partners today. With premium quality, ethical sourcing, and unmatched support every step of the way, our partnership promises to enhance your restaurant’s reputation and profitability. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to delight your patrons with the finest LANDRANI® LAMB products.

Join us now and let’s embark on a journey of culinary excellence together!


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