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No routine antibiotics and no added hormones

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Authentic Meatmaster

Savour the distinct flavour of Meatmaster Lamb

The LANDRANI® LAMB meat range production process ensures complete transparency from origin to consumer, employing the best international farming practices and adhering to “no routine antibiotics” and “no added hormones” policies. This is achieved through a blockchain management system, providing guaranteed traceability, transparency, and trust in the supply chain.

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Our commitment to delivering a distinctive “Taste of Trust” is based on four unique pillars:

Authentic True Origin


We prioritise transparency by providing clear information about the origin of our products. We believe in sharing this data with our customers, allowing them to know precisely where our meat comes from. This fosters trust and promotes a stronger connection to the source.

Authentic Meatmaster

2. Authentic Meatmaster

We specialise in Meatmaster lamb, a “Proudly South African” breed known for its exceptional qualities such as well muscled and tender meat with a distinct mild flavour. Our focus on this specific breed, coupled with our commitment to using the “No Added Hormones” approach, ensures consistency and guarantees an outstanding culinary experience, which we proudly offer to our customers.

Cold Chain Secure

3. Cold Chain Secure

We prioritise the integrity and safety of our products by maintaining a secure cold chain throughout the entire distribution process, including the meticulous SKIN and CRYOVAC packaging techniques. This ensures that, although being a frozen product, our “freshly frozen” lamb remains “like fresh”, preserving its taste, texture, and nutritional value. We take pride in delivering this level of cold chain security, along with our expert packaging methods, to our customers.

Blockchain Verified

4. Block Chain Verified

We utilise blockchain technology to verify and validate every step of our supply chain. This advanced system guarantees traceability, prevents fraud, and ensures the integrity of our products from origin to plate. Additionally, we are proud to state that “No Routine Antibiotics” are used in our meat production. We provide this verified data to our customers, allowing them to have full confidence in the journey of our meat products.

By emphasising these four pillars of distinctive transparency, we aim to provide our customers with an unparalleled culinary experience. Additionally, we strive to foster trust and traceability by sharing relevant data about the origin, breed, cold chain security and supply chain verification with our valued customers.
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How does traceability work?

Our commitment to delivering a distinctive “Taste of Trust” is based on four unique pillars:

Product Traceability


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* Delivery Fee: R120, Free Delivery On All Orders Above R1 500